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New Home = No Internet

Let me tell you, writing a blog without internet connection is not funny at all. It’s been a week since I moved back to the Czech Republic and from that moment I’ve been constantly on the move. All my activities were shrunk into visiting home decor shops, Ikea and cleaning up ( I’ve been unpacking, mopping, unpacking, vacuuming for a week in a row). I’m not complaining, just the internet could be finally connected. Home design is one of the things I do really enjoy and I like browsing websites and posts with that kind of orientation. Finally I got to the cafe with wifi so today only brief article with a few pictures which inspire me and help me to choose the right home accessories and furniture in these “difficult” days. I’m planning to write a post with a little bit if DIY and some pieces from our new home, so next time!


KIKO Mania

Does it also happen to you that you buy something without any expectation and you are pleasantly surprised? That is exactly how I felt ofter trying KIKO Cosmetics. According to many reviews and youtube beauty gurus they have few really good pieces but I’ve burned myself couple of times with cheap cosmetics brands and do believe if I want quality I have to pay for it. So when they opened a new store in our town (in Switzerland) I walked in with not too keen interest. And I was hooked! The store looked really professional, prices were absolutely ridiculous for Switzerland and sales consultant were very friendly. If I wrote about all the products I bought during the two weeks since they opened the KIKO store, it would be a very long article, so today I will start with things which took a root in my cosmetic bag immediately.


Feeling naked

I just don’t feel completed without my nails done. To be honest I feel way better without make-up than nail polish. I believe in first impressions and hands can say a lot about us. It would seem just like a small detail but everything is about details, isn’t it? Plus I really enjoy the whole process of painting my nails. Watching some youtube documentary videos and doing manicure is really calming for me (and I don’t have to mention how gorgeous excuse is it to do nothing for about an hour…). My manicure doesn’t last a long time on me (we don’t have a dishwasher so I guess thats one of the reasons) but these steps help me to extend this time to the maximum which is about 4 days in my case. Let’s take a look at it!


All you need is Love

…and shoes, lipsticks, handbags… Sometimes when the new season is around the corner and shops are getting full with theirs new collections it could be quite difficult to decide which trends to follow. Many times in the past I walked in some shop and grabbed something which was trendy that season without deeper reflection and of course I ended up struggling with matching to the other things which already were in my closet! But no, not this time! This Autumn is all about the simplicity which really warms my heart. Black, white, grey – oh yes, sign me up please! So here is a guide I created for myself and I’m totally going to follow it!


One of those last summer days

Products used: Garnier Golden Protect, Revlon Matte Balm in Mischievous, Benefit Hoola Bronzing Powder, Loreal Color Riche in 825, Bourjois Bronzing Primer, Maybelline Color Tattoo On and On Bronze, Toni&Guy Sea Salt Spray


Welcome, Vítejte, Willkommen, Välkommen, Accueil, Benvenuto, Добро пожаловать…

The title says it all! The idea of ​​establishing the blog was in my head for quite a long time and honestly – when is the best time to start with something that might take me a lot of time and energy than during writing my thesis and moving from abroad to my homeland? Reading all sorts of blogs is my hobby and I really like to sit down on the couch after a hectic day and take some inspiration from all over the world. So why not to gather up my courage and not to contribute to this amazing community myself! I wonder what direction my project will go, but at the outset I should probably note that beauty and fashion world is just what takes up most of my procrastination time. In a nutshell that’s for the beginning, the coffee is ready so next time you can look forward to a planned beauty post! Have a wonderful day! Nadpis mluví za vše! Myšlenka založení blogu mě drží již nějakou dobu a upřímně, kdy je nejlepší doba začít s něčím, co mi dost možná zabere spoustu času a energie, než během psaní diplomové práce a stěhování se z ciziny do své…