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Hello Mondays

Today such a slightly random post. After spending a wonderful weekend at home with my parents it’s time to go back to normal. Sometimes the return to working days could be quite hard so it’s important to make it nice right from the morning so a big cup of freshly roasted coffee is a must. I looked into my diary and this week looks pretty busy, I enrolled in some workshops about future carrier (so two full days of lectures), on Thursday I’m about to go to Designblok so hopefully it works out and on top of that I really have to move on with my Thesis! And immediately from the morning it’s more than satisfying to tick stuffs from my to do list. The first thing, burgundy lips – checked!


To be continued

Today continuation of the previous article in the struggle for a beautiful and smooth skin. Who wouldn’t want that, right? Now, when our skin is perfectly cleansed, it’s time to calm it down and especially hydrate because all those products against blemishes tend to dry out the skin. I use calming water from Lush – Eae Roma Water. It’s made from rose and lavender, has calming effect, hydrates the skin and if rich ladies from Ancient Rome could use it, there has to be something about it! The packaging has a handy atomizer, you can spray it directly on your face or apply it with cotton pads, I personally spray it on my hands and gently tap it to my skin with fingers.



Can you tell me whats your problem? Yes, I’m talking to you my dear skin! Seriously, I don’t know if it is due to the big changes I’ve been through last days (moving from another country), weather changes or having little bit more stress then usual but my skin is in horrible condition at the minute. It’s pretty dry with lots of blemishes and clogged pores, darker circles under my eyes and overall looks a bit lifeless. So I was thinking what if I did some skin care series this week! First task – let’s get rid of all those blemishes!


Ready for Autumn

Today just a little sneak peak of my last H&M visit. This is what happened when you find some 20% discount coupon… I have to say I’m totally autumn girl. I love wearing warmer clothes, sipping hot drinks, adding tons of cinnamon to my morning porridge (and everywhere I can) and smelling the routine again! Don’t get me wrong – I love summer holidays but I just like when my diary is full of proper stuffs (Uni parties are counted too, right?). And because autumn has officially started it was just about the time to find some nice pieces! You can also notice my passion for colors… No, I rather leave it to the fallen leaves.


Budget friendly Make-up Cleanser

Removing make-up and skin cleansing is essential. Some girls complain about their problematic skin but when I hear how they take care of it – they simply ask for it. I can’t imagine going to bed with my make-up on, it’s basically the first thing I do after I come home in the evening. But there are moments I don’t want to spend half an hour in the bathroom and use 100 different products so find something which cleans my skin in an instant and leaves it nicely moisturized is a dreamy affair. And if one adds to this absolute minimum price, the dream product is born!


Time for Chop

The older I get the more I have the tendency to shorten my hair.  It’s pretty weird because as younger I always wanted long locks, for me it was kind of symbol of femininity. I guess I matured and don’t need to prove my femininity with long hair (which will simply never grow as long), I feel good about what nature gave me and come back to my original color. I’ve never suffered about my appearance and low self-confidence but one still compares with someone, wants better this and that… I feel like this era has passed and I’m starting to like the way I am. And you know what, this is the easiest way how to be charming and sexy for the others. 


Concealers Army

Concealers. One of the things which can do miracles. One of the things every women should have in their make-up army. One of the things which can pretend daily 8-hour sleep. There are so many different types and textures on the market so everyone can find that perfect weapon. Let’s take a look what really works for me. The great thing about my picks is – they are all budget friendly so there is no need for declaring personal bankruptcy.


Uni Essentials

After a year abroad I’m going back to Uni. It should by my last year as a student before I fully enter the world of “adults”. Many of you will go to the Uni for the first time so here I have some tips on how to make it easier. I remember my first months when I carried 10 kilos heavy bag (five years ago laptops weighted something…), all the collections of law, workbooks for each subjects separately, millions of pens spilled on the bottom of my bag, a lot of coins which I used for buying drinks from machines (read Coca-Cola)… I wish I knew I can do it differently. 


Best of the Summer Sales

I’ve never been lucky if we talk about sales. Large share of it was the fact that I’m neat and orderly girl and I always quickly passed that chaos in Sales section into the aligned part of the store with the sign New Collection. Indeed, when things are nicely hanging, buying is way easier. And those red signs and stickers never really worked for me. This summer I finally found some pieces probably due to clarity of Swiss shops during the discount period (yes, even discounted things can hang as the new collection and you don’t have to rummage through the piles of clothes). So here is just a sneak peak of my recent summer sales buys otherwise this post would  be endless.


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