The Hectic Days

DSC04809_Fotor_Collage_FotorRed lipstick by Catrice in the shade Lips are on Fire

December is fast approaching which means lots of Christmas parties and events. The Christmas time is probably the most hectic time of year, we have many tests at school, first exam dates begin, we have to meet all deadlines at work and at the same time we have to think of gifts for our closest plus find the time to buy them and also we want to take a look at the Christmas markets and have a punch (or two, or three…) with our friends. Oh and in addition to all this we can’ t miss any of those Christmas parties. We all want to look fabulous but we don’t have always hours to prepare. We come back breathlessly from school or work and in half an hour we have to be at the place. So what to do? I vote for the red lipstick! Firstly – the red colour is essential part of Christmas, secondly – nothing can elevate your make-up more then a pretty red lipstick and thirdly – there is no time for creating difficult look. We need just a few things and a few minutes, let’s do it! View Post


Dear Santa…


Dear Santa,

I don’t want to stress you out too much so I’m writing in advance, hope one month is enough for you to get all the important. I’ve been really good and hardworking girl this year. I got up early every day, went to work, cooked, while responsibly focused on school, helped the weaker and also those stronger ones, took care of my loved ones, gave out love and secretly hoped that you watch everything. Therefore, I dare to be a little less modest and a little more cheeky and write a list of gifts which I desire with all my heart! Except of course the world peace, kids who doesn’t suffer with hunger, rescuing endangered animal species and so forth and so forth… So Santa, if you want me to be so great as this year, try to bring me something from my list under the Christmas tree and motivate me for next year cause I’m out of breath lately… And my dear family members who are watching me here, try to arrange this with him so there will be no mistake.

With love your good Alexandra!

P.S. In case you have some problems with your eyesight, here is the more detailed list: View Post


Vamp it up, girl!


I love autumn, all the leaves everywhere around, woolen hats, big scarves, mugs full of hot drinks, smell of cinnamon and dark lipsticks! The photos are not worth anything because if you don’t take pictures in the morning you have some blurred, dark and weird thing from it but otherwise I can’t say anything bad about this autumn (talking about the weather)! I was looking for some dark lipstick for a while but the colour always looked different on my lips than in the bullet, it was too light, too dark or more in the pink-ish side… Plus I didn’t want to invest too much cause I wasn’t quite sure how often I’ll wear it, respectively if at all. And it seems like I will not take it off this season! In addition, some colour is appropriate to my black-to-grey outfits, right?:) And where did I find my dream shade? View Post


Even Kylie would be proud


There is an one big issue in the world of beauty. Kylie’s Jenner lips. I confess, I love watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and I was always thinking how difficult it has to be to grow up in a family where every woman is so beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, Kylie was a nice little girl, but anything special. And look at her now, she is bloody amazing! I don’t want to discuss if it is a power of make-up or a gentle help of plastic surgery – whatever it is – she looks incredible! Everyone was trying to find out what kind of lip pencil she wears and once she told her secret – the pencil Whirl by MAC was sold out for quite a long period. I found my version which can create bigger lips with natural effect in KIKO in the shade 712, it is super creamy and can be worn also without lipstick and still looks good. But for everyday use I wear the combination of this lip pencil and a nude lipstick, my favourite one at the moment is Maybelline in the shade Tantalizing Taupe 725 or MAC Creme D’Nude . The 90s supermodel trend – slightly brown lips – is back and if you find the right shade it will look great on you.

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The Hunt for Foundation

DSC04599_FotorWhen my trusty L’oreal Lumi Magique Foundation started to running out I went on the online survey through the internet. I looked at all of my favourite beauty blogs, glanced at my list of things that I necessarily need to try and decided for the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I went to the Sephora ready to spend lots of money for a small bottle but my rational self was telling me: “take a sample, take a sample”. So I asked for a sample and super excited tried this foundation on. I expected a good dose of hydration and radiant skin but nothing like that happened. And trust me I really wanted to make it work for me. So I was squeezing the last drops of my L’oreal foundation and keep looking on the web. One sunny day I was walking around the Rossman when I came across the foundation in action for 119 CZK. I liked what it promised and thought – foundation for the price of two cup of coffee, would be a crime to leave it there. I wasn’t expecting anything but you know what, I’m hooked! It totally got me! Nice story, right? Let’s take a closer look at this foundation! View Post