Budget friendly Make-Up Cleanser

DSC04875_FotorI use make-up brushes daily (in the case I do my make-up), it’s easier, faster and the effect is more perfect. For the service which they provides me it could be nice from me to indulge them sometimes, like clean them… But you know that, when you want to wash them every week then they dry and when you need them they are still wet. Moreover, it’s quite lengthy process and frequent washing is not the best for they durability. Unfortunately, not everyone has a MAC store just a stone’s throw away (their make-up cleanser is unbeatable), so we have to look for other alternatives.  View Post


A Little Excuse and Pamper Evening


I apologize for the long delay, at the same time I hope you all enjoyed Christmas with your loved ones and recharged the batteries for the upcoming new year. I felt so bad that I neglected my blog and you, dear readers, will give up on me but I had just no time and blog is not an obligation, but primarily my hobby. And writing articles just to have something new “there” is wrong. The last two weeks I went to bed at 2 am, got up early, went to work, did some Christmas shopping and created presents at the last minutes, baked cookies and tried to manage lovely Christmas for everyone. I was rewarded by stress, lack of sleep but at the end also by beautiful and happy moments with the ones I like the most! So yes, it was worth it, Christmas is (unfortunately) over and I can finally focus on my blog. I have a free weekend after a long period so I completely enjoy it! It was just about the time to create a human from me again, relax and do all those girly treatments! So today a sneak peak to my Sunday pamper evening. View Post


DIY Sea Salt Spray


I have no time, absolutely no time. I lived in the belief how I will enjoy baking Christmas cookies, Christmas markets, spending time with my friends and family. But you know that, either you don’t have to do anything (and you really do nothing and procrastinate), or you are in a super rush and don’t know what to do first. So things like blog are not on the agenda. Fortunately I found an hour for myself today (and for you of course) and I will share with you the great DIY! Before Christmas every saved penny counts, my sea salt spray that I use almost every single day ran out and inside me the idea of creating my own customised spray was born. You will need just a few things and you can save some extra money that you can use for gift.:) Furthermore, now during the sleets outside, memories of bleached hair by the sun and waved locks from the sea salt come in handy.  View Post


How to survive…


Every single year I struggle with the same enemy alias Christmas shopping. Of course, I leave everything to the last minute as another billion people so when all of us “stragglers” head into the shopping centres we have no chance to move there. In addition, I usually have no clue what to buy and so it happens that after five hours of total exhaustion and squeezing in the crowd I leave the shopping centre with bag full of things for myself (cause I always find something for myself what I necessarily need while browsing the shops). So then I have to undergo more trips like this and December is not a month of peace but rather a period of huge stress. And because the older I get, the more wiser I am, I decided to create a plan how to survive Christmas shopping. And I will tell you that plan right now so we’ll all be super calm, cool and we will have plenty of time for baking Christmas cookies and do other Christmas duties.  View Post




November is over, I don’t even know how, so it’s right and proper to summarise my favourite for the past month. The weather was gloomy, I can’t slowly remember how the sun looks like and an umbrella became my staunchest ally. Despite that, there were also some bright moments with my “favourites” which I fully enjoyed. This time the list is not just all about the make-up but also other things which lighted my mood.  View Post