ginger tea

What a great start to a new week! I don’t even remember the last time I was so sick. This is so when you take care of your loved one and in two days you are attacked by the flu too. I just hope we won’t be in this circle forever, taking care, having flu and again and again… So my plans are moving for an indefinite period, my program for now is making a home made ginger tea (which is a true life safer for sore throat), watching movies and sweating in sheets. Hope you will avoid that autumn flu, listen to your body and when it says it needs a rest, give it to him and do not ignore all its desperate calls. Hopefully soon with proper article! View Post


Liebster Award Tag


Nedávno jsem byla “nominovaná” na TAG, který má dostat do podvědomí začínající blogerky a vzájemně si tak rozšířit čtenářské obecenstvo. Tímto děkuji Silvii z Shades of Silvie, mile mě překvapila! Pravidla tohoto TAGU jsou následující:

  • poděkuj blogerovi, který tě nominoval
  • napiš o sobě 11 faktů
  • odpověz na 11 otázek
  • nominuj další nové blogerky

Tak se pojďme podívat, co si na mě připravila a co jsem si vymyslela na ostatní já! View Post


Check Matte


Nice Monday everyone! I know that I promised more optimistic nail color as a better mood but not everything is always like we imagine. The mood has improved but the nail polish stayed in the similar color range just with different finish. I’ve always enjoyed black nails, it’s not just a color for rockers and fans of goth style anymore. On the contrary, black nails can look very elegant if the hands are neat and nail polish is not chipped. I love the combination of strictly female styling and black nails – it’s a great contrast. Lately I enjoy this matte one from Barry M, it doesn’t stay for the longest period but then I have a reason to change nail polishes as October weather does (and my weird mood).  View Post


4 Shades of Grey

IMG_2132Rimmel Salon Pro in 711 Punk Rock, L’Oreal Paris Infallible Nail Polish in Gris Eternal, Claire’s in Plain Jane , Kiko Nail Lacquer in 372

 I’m still expecting that promised Indian summer, still looking out of the window hoping that the Sun comes out but the only thing I see is gray. So I decided I’ll match. I won’t go against the nature, right? The last two days I have a mood that perfectly correspondence with my nail polish, I just couldn’t manage anything but gray. So I alternated these four beauties, from the darkest one – grimmest mood, to the slightly nude color (it is grey just my camera doesn’t think it). Fortunately, I’m surrounded by people with good ideas so today we went to wellness, I tried three different saunas, had a little rest in a whirlpool and on that occasion my grayish gray nail polish completely peeled of my nails and hopefully all autumnal gloom went away with it. Tomorrow forecast predicts 24 °C in Prague, such a perfect weather for a trip! I will try to take some pictures at Designblok so you can see also something different here! I have to get up at 5,30 tomorrow so I wish you good night and see you soon with more optimistic article!♥ View Post


Hello Mondays

IMG_2109_FotorToday such a slightly random post. After spending a wonderful weekend at home with my parents it’s time to go back to normal. Sometimes the return to working days could be quite hard so it’s important to make it nice right from the morning so a big cup of freshly roasted coffee is a must. I looked into my diary and this week looks pretty busy, I enrolled in some workshops about future carrier (so two full days of lectures), on Thursday I’m about to go to Designblok so hopefully it works out and on top of that I really have to move on with my Thesis! And immediately from the morning it’s more than satisfying to tick stuffs from my to do list. The first thing, burgundy lips – checked!

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