How to survive…

Every single year I struggle with the same enemy alias Christmas shopping. Of course, I leave everything to the last minute as another billion people so when all of us “stragglers” head into the shopping centres we have no chance to move there. In addition, I usually have no clue what to buy and so it happens that after five hours of total exhaustion and squeezing in the crowd I leave the shopping centre with bag full of things for myself (cause I always find something for myself what I necessarily need while browsing the shops). So then I have to undergo more trips like this and December is not a month of peace but rather a period of huge stress. And because the older I get, the more wiser I am, I decided to create a plan how to survive Christmas shopping. And I will tell you that plan right now so we’ll all be super calm, cool and we will have plenty of time for baking Christmas cookies and do other Christmas duties. 

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