DIY Sea Salt Spray

I have no time, absolutely no time. I lived in the belief how I will enjoy baking Christmas cookies, Christmas markets, spending time with my friends and family. But you know that, either you don’t have to do anything (and you really do nothing and procrastinate), or you are in a super rush and don’t know what to do first. So things like blog are not on the agenda. Fortunately I found an hour for myself today (and for you of course) and I will share with you the great DIY! Before Christmas every saved penny counts, my sea salt spray that I use almost every single day ran out and inside me the idea of creating my own customised spray was born. You will need just a few things and you can save some extra money that you can use for gift.:) Furthermore, now during the sleets outside, memories of bleached hair by the sun and waved locks from the sea salt come in handy. 

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