Girls in a hurry

Oops, it looks like I forgot that I have a blog. So I apologise in advance for my delay I just can’t plan my time lately and should really start to do something with it! I don’t neglect just my blog but for example my hair too. Unfortunately, no one will write a posts instead of me, but talking about hair, there are couple of helpers which can safe you from lack of time or laziness. I really don’t enjoy washing my hair, but no worries I do it (sometimes…). All of you who regularly do something for your body, I mean exercise (which I have to force myself for one hour to do it but that is another story) definitely struggle with daily hair washing. I don’t know about you, but when I work out I sweat and of course I have to seat the most on my head where it is most visible. Washing hair everyday is a big no for me so thank all bright people who invented dry shampoos!!! I’be tried a number of them already, some of them don’t do anything, some of them does but hair looks completely white and it is impossible to…

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