Homemade Facial Treat

Lovely Wednesday everyone! The doctor recommend me to stay in bed until the end of this week which means a lot of fun for me.:( My skin looks horrible after three days of blowing my nose and sweating under the blanket in properly heated apartment. I didn’t have any mask at home which could brightened my face so I can feel a little bit like a human again, I can’t go out so I thought to make something by myself. I use spoon of honey and lemon for my sore throat so I improved this combination, added cane sugar and created peeling face mask. Lemon is a natural source of vitamin C, brightens skin tone and works against acne and breakouts. Honey is a natural antioxidant which helps to prevent ageing, locks the water in the skin and leaves it nicely hydrated while fighting against acne. Sugar cleans pores, balances skin tone and as a natural scrub removes dead skin cells. Amazing combo, right?

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