A Little Excuse and Pamper Evening

I apologize for the long delay, at the same time I hope you all enjoyed Christmas with your loved ones and recharged the batteries for the upcoming new year. I felt so bad that I neglected my blog and you, dear readers, will give up on me but I had just no time and blog is not an obligation, but primarily my hobby. And writing articles just to have something new “there” is wrong. The last two weeks I went to bed at 2 am, got up early, went to work, did some Christmas shopping and created presents at the last minutes, baked cookies and tried to manage lovely Christmas for everyone. I was rewarded by stress, lack of sleep but at the end also by beautiful and happy moments with the ones I like the most! So yes, it was worth it, Christmas is (unfortunately) over and I can finally focus on my blog. I have a free weekend after a long period so I completely enjoy it! It was just about the time to create a human from me again, relax and do all those girly treatments! So today a sneak peak to my Sunday pamper evening.

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