Hair talk

Alright guys, lets talk about hair. Because it is something we wear every single day no matter what. I’m not going to give you advices how to take care of your hair because this is a field which I don’t feel like a fish in the ocean and sometimes it affects the quality. But I will tell you which styling products I use to recreate my hair from “that thing I have to live with” to an accessory which I do like to wear and adapt it to my mood, occasion and outfit. I must note in advance that this is not an advertisement for Toni&Guy, I just really like their products and moreover now, when I don’t have to bring them from other countries and can buy them here I can treat myself as much as I want! Believe me, I’ve tried already a lot (I mean a lot) of products and what suits my hair doesn’t have to suit yours but maybe you will find something here what you’ve been searching for. 

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