The Hunt for Foundation

When my trusty L’oreal Lumi Magique Foundation started to running out I went on the online survey through the internet. I looked at all of my favourite beauty blogs, glanced at my list of things that I necessarily need to try and decided for the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation. I went to the Sephora ready to spend lots of money for a small bottle but my rational self was telling me: “take a sample, take a sample”. So I asked for a sample and super excited tried this foundation on. I expected a good dose of hydration and radiant skin but nothing like that happened. And trust me I really wanted to make it work for me. So I was squeezing the last drops of my L’oreal foundation and keep looking on the web. One sunny day I was walking around the Rossman when I came across the foundation in action for 119 CZK. I liked what it promised and thought – foundation for the price of two cup of coffee, would be a crime to leave it there. I wasn’t expecting anything but you know what, I’m hooked! It totally got me! Nice story, right? Let’s take a closer…

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