Vamp it up, girl!

I love autumn, all the leaves everywhere around, woolen hats, big scarves, mugs full of hot drinks, smell of cinnamon and dark lipsticks! The photos are not worth anything because if you don’t take pictures in the morning you have some blurred, dark and weird thing from it but otherwise I can’t say anything bad about this autumn (talking about the weather)! I was looking for some dark lipstick for a while but the colour always looked different on my lips than in the bullet, it was too light, too dark or more in the pink-ish side… Plus I didn’t want to invest too much cause I wasn’t quite sure how often I’ll wear it, respectively if at all. And it seems like I will not take it off this season! In addition, some colour is appropriate to my black-to-grey outfits, right?:) And where did I find my dream shade?

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